It’s All About The Living By Faith, How It Affect Our Health?

Living By Faith - Looking forward with no fear

Humans, because of his intelligence and knowledge, believe that he lives by his wits. That may be true only to a limited extent. In the broader context, all of us believe in “Living by faith.” We have faith that tomorrow we shall be alive, and hence we work for it. We believe that the Sun will rise tomorrow, we think that our friends will stand by us, we believe that our family loves us.

It is this faith that keeps us going, and we do what we do because we have faith that it will take us where we want to go.

Why only humans, look around flora and fauna, even for their necessities depend on nature and have faith.

The farmer sows with the faith that it will rain. Behind every thought and action in this world, there is an element of faith, which is the driving force. In times of illness, we have faith in the doctor, and in times of war, we have faith in the army.

“Living by faith” is no exception; it is the norm.

What Is The Exact Definition Of Faith?

The word faith is derived from the Latin word ‘fides’, which means trust or confidence in any person, thing, or concept.

The old French word feid also means the same. Fundamentally Faith means to trust. It is not just optimism. It is much more than that. Optimism would be positive hope.

Faith is not hoping, it is conviction. You can have faith, or you may not. There can be no other way with faith. You cannot be halfway on the road to faith.

hands holds light bulbs, sign of faith

The Connection Between A Living Faith To Our Health?

Health is generally understood as physical well-being, which is not wrong. But the understanding is half baked.

In the broader sense, health encompasses not only physical health but mental and psychological well-being too.

According to research we did on nbcnews if the mind and soul are not happy, it is a rather big challenge to keep the body in good condition. The body follows the mind and the soul mentors the mind.

The word faith brings along with it a lot of positive aurae and more than an optimistic state of mind and is convinced of some idea.

If you are convinced and have a living faith that you would lose weight in two months, then your mind will create all ideas and situations where this living faith can bloom.  It is important to stress here that faith is not hope and optimism; it is a conviction.

Believes that something has already happened even before that thing has begun. That is a living faith. This kind of faith is compelling and can achieve impossible feats.

Faith has a robust connection to your health. The perceptible components of health care;

1. Mental Health

When you have a living faith, you feel relaxed and peaceful, and small bumps on the road really do not upset you, nor does it stop you mid-way. You are sure that the hiccups are just temporary, and you will reach the destination no matter what.

2. Good Behavior

Anxiety is ruled out because there is no tense situation to spoil your mood and behavior. You are sure to go where you want to go and whatever happens, you are not bothered. In such a condition, you lend out a helping hand to all those folks who need to reach somewhere. When you help, you feel good, and the feeling of faith reinforces. Community co-existence is very much possible.

3. Physical Health

When there is no question of giving up, there is immense patience, and no obstacle is an ‘obstacle’, won’t you reach where you want to?

You may have a physical condition, but with time patience and faith,  you can achieve your goal.

Like mentioned before, faith is not the optimism of attaining your goal. It is the feeling that you are already there.

Please do not misunderstand. We are not talking about faith healing. On the contrary, we are talking about healing because of faith.

When you visualize yourself healthy, you will feel like it. That is the power of faith. Medicines and technology can help you only when you want to help yourself. If you have faith, the drugs and doctors will perform wonders.

If you have faith, you can have that lean muscular physique, and no one and nothing can deter you from getting it.

Hoping for something, wanting something, and having absolute faith that you will get it in three different situations of mind.

Various mind-mapping techniques have been applied to find a scientific explanation for this. But the human mind is the only human organ, which has not been fully explored and understood until now.

How a living Faith Affects Our Health -The 6 Benefits, We Must Know

men enjoy the living by faith open his hands to the sky

1.Living Faith Encourages A Healthy Lifestyle

With faith comes peace and peace begets happiness. A happy man never resorts to unhealthy habits or practices. It happens even when you subscribe to religious faith. In that case, you follow the lifestyle as prescribed by religions, and every religion propagates a healthy lifestyle.

For example, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, anger, jealousy is forbidden by almost all religions simply because they are unhealthy. Community services are encouraged by every faith. It is because for good emotional health interaction within the social fabric is a must. No human can live in isolation, and be happy, forget being healthy.


2.Faith Reduces Stress.

Stress is the outcome of anxiety. Uncertainty breeds anxiety. But when you are in faith, you are sure about the outcome, and that being the case, there is no scope for stress. The efficiency also increases when you do something unstressed.

It is often said when in faith, you are not alone. Somehow being in faith, you become a part of a large section of humanity who are also on faith. The very idea and feeling that you are not alone are very elevating and motivating and utterly devoid of any stress.

When you are surrounded by other people similarly fired up by faith, you know you are on the right path. So many of us cannot be wrong. This idea of not being wrong is enough to eliminate all stress and anxiety.

3. Faith Motivates

The unstressed mind will always be a positive mode, where creativity would be at the peak. The joyful spirit can take physical pain and discomfort more quickly than an angry or sad mind. Being creative, your mind itself will present lots of options to reach the goal you set. Whether it is recovering from some disease or some physical transformations that you have targeted.

Motivation is not just someone goading and cheering you as you run uphill. Motivation is speaking honestly and guiding in practical terms as to how to reach the goal.

When you are in faith, your mind itself motivates you and presents you with all out of box ideas to reach the goal.

4. Living Faith Aligns The Mind And Body

A convinced mind can easily convince the body to do whatever is necessary. Faith aligns the mind and body towards achieving the goal. And whenever the spirit, mind, and body are aligned, no objective is difficult to achieve.

The survival instinct mode of your mind will always stop your body from doing something which would be detrimental or wasteful. But when the mind is convinced of some idea, it would use its body to accomplish the task. In the present context, if someone is sick, and if the mind feels it is futile to try to recover, the body will give up in an instant, and worst would come true.

But if the mind is convinced that I can come out of this medical trauma, it will tug the body along and with almost divine abilities come out through the sickness. This is how mind and body alignment by the faith can steer one towards a healthy life.


5.Living Faith Helps Develop Patience And Persistence

When you know, come whatever the health goal will be reached, you don’t mind the delay or obstacles. Immense patience comes into play. Any setback is taken positively, and the mind motivates the body to keep trying. And ultimately, the objective is reached.

From our childhood, we have heard numerous stories glorifying the virtues of patience and persistence. The frog kept on jumping, undeterred till the time it came out of the well. The ant kept on climbing till the time it reached the top. The tortoise won the race only because of patience and persistence.

With persistence and patience, you can achieve any health goal, and if faith has laid the foundation for your perseverance and patience, then it can go only one way, and that is a success.

6.F aith Helps Us Think Rationally And Not React.

man walking on the treeFear and anxiety breed irrationality and faith reinforces rationality. Even if things do not go the decided way, the mind is ready to analyze it objectively and reset the course to find the goal again.

We already realized that faith reduces stress and anxiety. Anger, stress and anxiety is the triad that upturns the cart of effort. Any effort laced with any of these three is bound to reach anywhere but success.

Faith is the antidote for irrational thinking and actions. Illogical behaviour will take you away from the charted course. To stick to the course, you need an unwavering and focussed mind.

Faith is the elixir, which makes your mind steadfast and rational in the worst of the situations.

In the present context, if the health issue worsens for some time, if you have faith, the mind will analyze it rationally and find the way out of it, rather than get buried in it.

Three Components Of A Living Faith

Religious or otherwise, the following are the components of faith. If you have these three in sequence, then you have faith. Stopping anywhere in between does not amount to have faith.


This preliminary step is about understanding the premise and content and map it to your situation to understand what it means. Hearing something is different from understanding. Being able to visualize and map the heard content onto one’s life is acquiring knowledge.

You go from known to unknown. If you know the alphabet, you can put it together to form a word. you cannot build a word first and then decipher the alphabet.  So this is knowledge, knowing and understanding in a combo. The fact that you have understood does not in any way mean that you agree too.



Once you know something, then the cognitive abilities come into play and try to analyze whether its right or not. I may tell you jogging 30 minutes a day is good for the heart. You have heard and understood, but unless you figure out the connection between jogging and heart health, you will not agree. Agreeing to a thought or opinion means you make yourself a part of that thought process. The moment the logical link is visible, you will agree.



It is a crucial step, but in no way are we trying to say that the other two were not. It is all about believing. You hear something, and you know that is possible, but be convince that it is possible in any situation will result in the pure, unwavering faith. This kind of faith empowers oneself beyond imagination.

Look at it like this, faith is the golden key, which opens up the collective intelligence of the universe to be by your side to see you attain your dream goal. You are not alone; the whole world is conspiring to see that you succeed. That is the power of faith. It taps into the reserve of resources, which is boundless, unimaginable, but true. True not to see, but true to feel and experience.

Faith moves mountains; it is said, you just want to be healthy.


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