VELOCITY DIET: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

components of healthy velocity diet

Are you thinking of starting a velocity diet for that shredded look? The lean muscular frame which is the dream of every youth?

With the summers on, beach parties around the corner, we have to be prepared for the fun. Looking out for a fast fix? Want to lose your fat and be the envy of the crowd? Looking for the perfect diet that will suit you?

Velocity diet can do the wonders. Read on to know more about this fad, which makes you lean and mean in just 28 days.

What Is Velocity Diet?

According to Embrywomenshealth, velocity diet is a crash program to transform our body in just 28 days. However, it is not for weak hearted and people with low motivation. It demands great discipline, persistence, and patience. Nonetheless, the result can be a loss of about 20 lbs and maybe a gain of more muscles.

Also known as V-Diet, essentially the idea is to cut the calorie intake as much as possible. This is because burning calories only by exercise are tough. Even hours at the gym cannot achieve what V-diet achieves in a matter of just 28 days.

It is no magic, but a well-crafted idea of reducing the calories. The normal average male needs about 2000-2500 calories in a day (women need 1800-2000 calories). Instead, this diet provides just around 1000-1200 calories.

This is cutting the calories by almost half. Furthermore, on certain non-workout days, the calorie intake is restricted to just around 800 calories. As a consequence of this, the fat disappears from all the unwanted places.

Though the calories are cut drastically, the diet is very rich in proteins and well-fortified with the necessary nutrients. Presently many organizations, who are in the business of health supplements offer a package for the velocity diet.

Velocity Diet Package According To GymJunkies

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We cannot read and understand this diet from somewhere and implement it. In other words, to adopt V-Diet, we have to buy the package from these organizations. It consists of a very specially formulated:

  • Protein drink, which is fortified with other nutrients and additives. Additionally, it is a slow-burning protein, which keeps you full for a longer time.
  • Post-workout recovery drinks to help recover and grow the muscles.
  • Fatty acid/fish oil capsules
  • Food supplement powders.
  • Booklet on exercise and general instructions.

The V-Diet package consists of:

  1. Eating plan
  2. Workout plan
  3. Non-Exercise Physical Activity (NEPA)
  4. A peer forum

The Diet Or The Eating Plan

The following is what we get to eat in the 28 days of the V-Diet schedule.

  • Breakfast:

2 scoops of protein shake.

2 scoops of special food supplement (offered by some manufacturers in their package)

1 capsule of fatty acids.

Cold water to wash it down.

  • Lunch

2 scoops of protein

1 capsule of fatty acid

Cold water

  • Mid-Afternoon

2 scoops of protein shake

1 capsule of fatty acid

Cold water

  • Dinner

2 scoops of protein shake

1 capsule of fatty acids

Cold water

  • Post-workout

2 scoops of workout recovery drink.

Cold water

  • Bedtime

2 scoops of protein shake

Cold water

The quantity of water to drink is fixed. Furthermore, it is clearly mentioned in the diet.  Once in a week, we can go in for a low calorie (400 – 700 calories) solid healthy meal as dinner.

Apart from what has been specified above no other food or drink is supposed to be had for the 28 days of the diet. Clearly this has to be followed strictly to avail of the great benefits.

The Workout According To Biotest

Three workouts are scheduled for the week, every alternate day. In general, beginning with Monday and then, Wednesday and Friday.

The workout for the weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) is a variation of HIIT.


The first day of the weight training exercises begins with:

  1. Squats

It is a very good exercise for the toning of the whole body. Consequently, the muscles of the lower body like the quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes are toned and strengthened. Additionally, it works up the abdomens as well. Furthermore, testosterone secretion improves because of squats.

  1. Dumbbell bench press

This builds up the chest and works on the shoulder too to some extent. Besides, the back muscles also come into play.

  1. Lat pulldown

These are excellent for your back muscles and lateral muscles of the sides.

  1. Ab rollout

This will get you strong and hard abs.

Repeat each exercise 20 times. Further, we can break it up in a set of 8 repetitions and pause in between the sets.


  1. Weighted step-ups

This works the quads, glutes and the hamstrings.

  1. Bent over rows

It works your back muscles.

  1. Push presses

Very good for your shoulders, triceps.

  1. Barbell curls

This one is a classical exercise to tone and strengthen the biceps.

  1. Reverse crunches

Builds your abs and core muscles.

Repeat each exercise 40 times. We can also break it into sets of 8 repetitions.


  1. Deadlift

The deadlift has multiple benefits. Clearly, it is good for your hamstrings, glutes, quads, back, and forearms. It helps increase the testosterone levels in the body.

  1. Decline dumbbell press

It develops the lower chest along with the shoulder.

  1. Lat pulldown

The back and the laterals get exercised.

  1. Hand walkouts

It is an excellent workout for the core, abs, and shoulders. Additionally, it also helps build the shoulders.

Repeat the exercises 40 times. We can break them into sets of 8 for our convenience.

Throughout the weight training exercises, we should breathe normally. In short, never hold your breath.


The High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is for either Saturday or Sunday. The HIIT is a great fat burner. Furthermore, it boosts our metabolism rate and that is then maintained for hours together. It also brings in a lot of flexibility in the body muscles and joints.

Exercising has other benefits too. Clearly, regular exercises release happy hormones like serotonin in the body. Consequently, this keeps us in a good mood and motivated.

The Non-Exercise Physical Activities (NEPA) are all those physical activities we do like, walking, climbing stairs, lifting things. They are not a part of the exercise routine but part of our daily routine. However, we should engage in more of such physical activities to keep the metabolism rate high throughout the day.

excercise working out in the gym

Advantages vs. Disadvantages Of The Velocity Diet

According to Healthline Every diet plan will have some advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, we need to understand them.

The decision of undertaking the velocity diet is very personal. What benefits we desire to have and what price we are ready to pay for it, needs to be carefully analyzed. Every individual will have their priorities and preferences.

There are a huge number of people out there, who claim that the velocity diet is very good. But we also have lots of people who are not happy with it.  Everybody has their way of looking at and evaluating things.

The following enumeration will help us find if the velocity diet suits us or not.

The Advantages:

  1. The body sculpturing offered by V-diet probably is very unique and in 28 days, we can get that dream body shape.
  2. The diet is all planned and set and it just has to be followed. In that sense it is simple. We do not have to do all the calorific calculations and think of any recipes for diet.
  3. The complete diet comes in the pack. Hence, we do not have to cook anything. What our body needs for 28 days come in the pack. On the whole, we just have to follow the diet chart.
  4. There is a schedule of exercise throughout the week. Even after the diet plan of 28 days, this exercise routine is good for us. In general, it will keep us toned and healthy. We would have ended up adopting a healthy exercise lifestyle
  5. The V-diet demands very strict discipline. For one thing, it will teach us to keep our taste buds under control. This discipline if continued even after the diet plan is over, will prevent us from getting unhealthy and obese.
  6. We are connected to the forum of V-dieters. Thereupon the forum can keep us motivated and guide us through the whole diet plan.


Nothing in this world comes with all good. For instance, for every good, there is a price to pay. For one thing, the V-Diet also has some disadvantages. We need to be aware of these and decide if we are ok with it.

  1. It is very tough and rigorous to follow the diet plan. Hence, before starting it, we should very objectively decide, if we have the determination and motivation to undergo it.
  2. It is very expensive. Therefore the monetary consideration should be very seriously weighed before embarking on this diet.
  3. Exercising with a calorie deficit diet may not go well with some individuals. In consequence, it may lead to some health issues.
  4. Though the effort is made to pack the diet with nutrients, there is always a danger of undernourishment. This could lead to:
  • Severe hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Heart problems
  • Gall stones
  • Menstrual issues
  1. All along our body is used to eat more than 2000 calories and suddenly depriving 50% of that will not go well with many of us.
  2. It may irritate and depress us.
  3. It may affect our routine life and work.

This comparison of advantages and disadvantages gives us a fair idea of how it will suit us. If we are confident that it will go well with our constitution, then we can go ahead and adopt the diet.

Better would be to consult our doctor or nutritionist and take his opinion on this matter.

Is It Possible To Preserve Long-Term Results?

Once we have achieved the dream body, how long is it going to stay with us? That is a million-dollar question.

The body got into that shape because of the diet and complementing exercise routine. After 28 days, when we start without normal food, the body is going to respond differently.

The body was surviving with a calorie intake of 1000 calories and now with higher calorie intake, the body will put on. We cannot continue forever with a 1000 calorie diet. That is going to harm our bodies beyond repair.

Whenever we go in for a calorie deficient diet, hormonal changes happen in the body. Leptin, the satiety hormone, the one which makes us feel full of eating, reduces. Ghrelin, the hunger hormone goes on a rise and remains high for about a year after the diet. A body on a lower calorie diet drops down its metabolism rate. Additionally, this rate remains lower for a long time after the diet is over. Subsequently, the body loads on weight and fat, as it is not able to burn them as fast.

This makes us eat more than what normally we eat. As a consequence, we end up gaining weight. If we lose weight fast, we tend to gain it fast again. However, a slow and continuous burn is what will remain for a long time.

Unless and until we are very disciplined and able to quell our hunger pangs, it is almost impossible to retain the sculpted body beyond a few days after the diet.

So, we can assume in all probabilities that the result of the velocity diet is short term. For one thing, this should also be one of the important considerations in deciding to opt for the diet.

What Is A Healthy Weight Loss?

A very sharp loss of weight is not healthy. According to most of the nutritionists, doctors and health care institutions, a loss of 1-2 lbs per week for the average person is healthy. In short, anything beyond that is not good for health in the long run.

Faster weight loss may not only be harmful to the body and heart, but it could mess up with our mental faculty also. Hunger is a very strong need and emotion of the body. Suppressing it beyond a point may trigger lots of undesirable reactions in the body and mind.

A gradual reduction of calories in the body acclimatizes the body to the change. And it keeps on adjusting itself to the new status. Eventually, the body gets in agreement with the new situation and does not revolt.

We should lead a very healthy life. At the same time, if we are overweight, we also have to attempt to get back in shape. But all this has to be done very carefully. We should be aware of what we are doing and how it is going to affect us mentally and physically.

It is fine to go in for a severe diet like velocity diet for short term gain if your body can withstand it.

Otherwise slow and steady has always won the race.


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