Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas That’ll Make You Lose Weight Fast

weight watchers lunch ideas

Does Weight Watchers lunch ideas make you lose weight?

Everyone dreams of being fit and healthy. Undisciplined lifestyle, fast and junk food takes its toll. Obesity is a severe problem, and the simplest way out is a controlled diet or dieting.

But dieting scares many people. You cannot eat what you like. You have to skip meals. The biggest problem is you cannot go out for dining. These restrictions are not easy to follow. And hence most of the diet plans are never tried or fails mid-way.

Can you believe there exists a dieting system, which allows you to eat what you want? And it does not restrict any type of food? You can have three meals and two snacks in a day, every day! And on top of it all, it works. It is one of the most popular diets in the world.

It has aided millions of people worldwide to lose weight and keep it off. Wouldn’t you want to know of this wonderous diet? What are the details? How does it work?

Read till the end to find answers to all your questions and much more.

Weight Watchers And Their Mission

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Way back in the year 1963, Jean Nidetch had this innovative idea of a unique diet plan at her home in New York.

From 1963 till date, Weight Watchers has seen a lot of evolutionary changes, and strategies, but the core mission remains unchanged. They strive for and inspire healthy living and overall well-being for one and all. For the last almost 58 years, they have adapted and aligned with changing lifestyles and food habits. It is this flexibility that has made them survive for so many years and be contemporary and effective as always.

Thinking and implementing diet programs almost 60 years ago was undoubtedly very innovative. Jean started advising about healthy food and ways to watch weight among the small group of her friends. But the good word spread soon. And the weight watchers had a steady following of people who were keen to lose weight the healthy way.

Weight watchers also started in the conventional way of diet planning by restricting the portion and serving sizes of high calories food. In some cases, they would advise the dieter against eating a particular food. But all this changed in the 1990s. Wherein, for the first time, they proposed and implemented the point-based system of dieting. Subsequently, this system saw lots of refinement, but in essence, it stood the test of time.

The Novel Approach

The novel idea of monitoring the diet and the immense flexibility if offered. Including the dieter himself to plan the menu, positively affected the morale of the dieter. Their sense of responsibility and involvement grew many folds. Nobody had heard of a collaborative diet plan before this. It was always a kind of authoritative dieting system where the dietician decided everything. But now the Weight Watchers helped the dieter determine the diet. Millions of people subscribed to this diet system. In the year 2017 itself, around 600,000 members from all over the world, joined this program.

Towards the end of the year 2019, Weight Watchers has again updated its program to make it more efficient and effective. The ‘Freestyle’ and ‘Simply Filling Plan’ were discontinued to include three new diet plans: The Green Plan, The Blue Plan, and The Purple Plan.

How Does Weight Watchers Work?

Weight Watchers is based on a scientific approach according to Health Line. It is a multifaceted weight management program and every individual who joins the program is known as a member.

Access to the Weight Watchers diet is multi-modal. One can access the digital, workshop, or call mode as convenient.

There is a one-time membership fee of 20$. Apart from this, the monthly charges for the various modes are:

  • 19.95$ / month for the digital mode
  • 44.95$ / month or 14-15$ / per session for the contact workshops (if it is available in your zone)
  • For personal coaching: 54.95$ / month

Based on the personal details of the enrolled member, a goal or target is set. The goal setting is dependent on:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Height

The Weight Watchers have a massive database of 2,85,000 food items where every food is assigned a smart point (based on the plan-green, blue or purple.) In addition to that, thousands of recipes with the smart point is available for members on the website. The smart point of the food depends on:

  • The protein content of the food
  • The calories in the food
  • The sugar content in the food
  • The fat content in the food

Higher the protein lower is the smart point. Whereas, higher the calories, sugar, or fat, higher is the smart point (remember the idea is to lose weight).

Depending upon the individual member, and his target goal, an appropriate plan is allocated to him. The plan comes with its smart point allocation per day. It also has a choice of zero point food. For every plan, there is a fixed category of food which is accepted as zero point food.

1. Green Plan

It has similarity to the earlier ‘beyond the scale smart points plan.’ In the Green Plan, the member has a choice of 100+ zero point food. He can eat as much of the zero point food as required. However, one should not overeat. Eat just to satiate your hunger. Other than the zero point food, the member is allowed to eat all that food, whose smart point total will not exceed 30 for the whole day (every food has its smart point). The members also refer to the smart points as the daily points.

In the case of the Green Plan, the zero point food includes just the fruits and the non-starchy vegetables.

2. Blue Plan

It is very similar to the popular ‘Freestyle Smartpoint Plan’ of the earlier updates. The choice of the zero point food increases to more than 200+ foods in the Blue Plan. But, the total smart point per day reduces to 23.

For this plan, along with fruits and non-starchy vegetables, turkey breast, chicken breast, fish, shellfish, legumes, nonfat dairy, tempeh, and tofu are also included in the zero point food.

3. Purple Plan

This plan retains the essence of the earlier ‘Simply Filling Plan.’ More than 300 food items are available as zero point food in this plan. As expected, the smart point per day reduces drastically to a meager 16.

The food categories included in the zero point foods are fruits, turkey breast, fish, chicken breast, tofu, tempeh, legumes, vegetables (potatoes and corn added), and whole grains, like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, and oatmeal.

In every plan, over and above the daily allocation, weekly extra smart points are offered. That can be distributed and used throughout the week or can be used up just in one day (for the parties). The smart points/day mentioned in the plan is the minimum. And if required, it can go up, depending upon the lifestyle and work activities of an individual.

Weight Watchers For Losing Weight

Weight Watchers are very popular for more than 50 years. It helps reduce the weight of the members gradually, without starving them. Since the member has lots of freedom with this diet plan, they happily continue with it for a long time. Hence, there is the advantage of long term weight loss.

The Weight Watchers suggest a loss of 0.5 to 2 lbs max in a week. It is a very healthy weight loss and is no way it interferes with the routine of the member. Also, there is no adverse effect. Crash diets and sudden weight loss are always dangerous, as they give rise to lots of harmful and severe side effects.

There is always a strong probability of weight gain if you lose weight fast. With the contact program and group communication, you are always in touch with the co-members. Apart from suggestions and help, these forums are great motivation.

The Pros And Cons

Any fitness or diet program will have a set of benefits and some disadvantages. Before taking up or enrolling for any program, it is always wise to look at them and decide how does it suit one’s objectives. If it is okay with your long term and short term expectation, it is fine to get involved. Otherwise, one can always search for an appropriate option. As the Health US News says, the advantages are:

  • There is absolutely no restriction of any kind. Eat your favorite food without feeling guilty.
  • The dieter plays an active role in the planning and execution of diet. That is quite motivating for the member.
  • The diet plan does not offer you a fixed platter every day. You can choose what you want to eat. It is possible to have different food every day.
  • The available food items in the diet are so many that even vegetarians can have a 5vast choice. Similarly, people allergic to certain types of food can always select and eat what is right for them.
  • The member can dine out if they want. Only they have to keep an eye on the smart point of the food ordered.
  • Since weight loss is gradual, there are hardly any side effects or reactions.
  • The member thas the flexibility to change his plan if he feels so. However, Weight Watchers suggest sticking to one plan for at least two weeks. But that is not mandatory.
  • There is a vast community of Weight Watchers members who are keen to help anyone with questions or encouragement.
  • Weight Watcher program is expensive. Therefore, not everyone can subscribe to it.
  • Many people find the details very complicated and difficult to understand.
  • It takes time to get used to it. It is, however, possible that in initial stages, one has to take help from seniors or Weight Watchers to understand the plan.
  • You have to track and maintain the log of every item eaten, every time and every day. That may, at times, get too boring and inconvenient.
  • Hence, it will not work with people who have low self-control.

Weight Watchers Lunch Ideas

To encourage people to cook and eat clean, healthy food, Weight Watchers have around 8000 meal recipes on their website. Members can cook these to keep the smart point count within limits.

Since the recipes have been put by Weight Watchers, one can be sure of its smart point count and nutritional values. They are considerate enough to include vegetarians options in the recipes.

The recipes mentioned indicate the smart point of the meal on each of blue, green, and purple plans. It will help you decide whether to include it on your plate or not. The recipes are quite detailed. All the ingredients required and their proportions are indicated.

Most of the recipes in the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian categories look delicious. The members can always try and share them with their peers.

Is It Easy to Follow?

Diet will always give you a feeling of discomfort and restricted. You long for your favorite food. And as soon as the diet is through, people binge on good to get back all the lost weight. Fortunately, this is not so with Weight Watchers.

After getting a feel of the program, it is not only comfortable but exciting to continue with Weight Watchers diet.

Weight Watchers have developed an app that helps and guides you through your plan. Daily, it indicates the smart point of the day. Also, you can check the smart points of various food on the app. If unclear, you can always click a pic and send it to them for the revert on smart points.

Since it is not a crash diet, and there are not unnecessary severe restrictions, many members find it viable to continue for a long time.

About 60 % of the members continue their membership beyond the first year. And, most members have been with them for more than a decade and have maintained their weight consistently.


Weight Watchers have been helping and advising people on reducing weight for more than five decades. Interestingly, their methodology is unique, and according to their members, it is beneficial. It is safe, as the member get to choose their food. You can eat stomach full, without any food barred. It maintains the body’s energy intact. Self-discipline and patience are a must to maximize the benefits.

You may have to spend some good money on the plan. But, that is worth it, say the followers and members of Weight Watchers.


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