What Does It Mean To Be Healthy? Expert Interview

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It is believed that good health is the greatest blessing to have. All other pleasures of life are dependent on health. If we are healthy, we can lead a blissful life.

We perceive health in innumerable ways. But there are certain aspects of health, which are fundamental and need to be understood and implemented with due diligence.

Being healthy is not a great challenge. The greater issue is to be motivated enough to change ourr lifestyle and behavior and adapt to a healthy regime.

But the benefit of healthy living is a great payoff to accept the challenge and work for the best. Quite often, the idea of a healthy body creeps in only when we are sick. That is not the right way.

we should think and act proactively. If we are healthy, there are very slim chances that we may fall sick.

What Is The Definition Of Health

Before we really delve into the intricacies of why and how to be healthy, it would be worthwhile to understand what is meant by health.

In the year 1948, the World Health Organisation went ahead to define health as;

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”- Constitution – World Health Organization

This definition holds lots of essential connotations about health and accepts “being healthy” as an achievable and coveted goal.

With time the perception changed, and again in 1984, WHO revised its definition of health and inferred that ‘health’ is perceived as a resource to achieve higher objectives of life. Being healthy opens up vistas for greater fulfillment in life.

With the recent onslaught of various unknown diseases and maladies, the meaning of health is also looked upon as

“capability of the body to adapt to new threats and infirmities.”

The concerns of health apply to all irrespective of age, gender, nationality, religion, or occupation.

Health is as a state of overall well being, which includes:

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental health
  3. Psychological health

A holistic approach towards the three components of health is essential as they are dependent on one another.

An imbalance in even one of the components disrupts the other two. For all practical purposes, psychological health is seen as a part of mental health.

The physical health concerns about the body in general and the parts in particular. All bodily functions should perform optimally, and the body as a whole should be active and free of any sickness. It should have a strong immunity to defend against any threats.

Mental health, on the other hand, refers to the social, psychological, and emotional stability and well being.

True health can be summed up as the intersection of physical, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual well being at any point in time.

8 Habits Of Healthy People

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So what do healthy people do to be healthy? Let us check 8 habits of healthy people and try to adopt them

1. The Right Mindset

The health freak is always in the right set of mind.

It is essential to be in the right set of mind. Understand the expectation we have from ourself. It should also be clear to us why we want to get healthy. In a way, it is a realistic goal setting. Be very practical when we set a goal. We should not aim too high or too low.

2. Daily Exercise

This habit is vital to follow. At least 30-45 minutes physical workout needs to be done daily. Exercise keeps our muscles toned, reduces fat, increases metabolism. It keeps our respiratory system toned up, and the immune system is strengthened. Physical exercises reduce stress and are good for mental well being.

The skeletal structure develops poise and strength. Overall, the synchronization of body parts improves.

Exercise is the foundation of good health. We can play sports, do cardio, weight training, Zumba, or any physical activity that suits and interests us.

3. Balanced Diet

For the body to perform and stay good six essential nutrients are essential

Carbohydrate- To provide energy to the body

Proteins- To build and repair muscles and cells. Keep the immune system healthy.

Fat- Acts as a solvent for many vital minerals and vitamins

Vitamins- In minimal quantities, they maintain the hormonal balance in the body

Mineral- Regulate the body process and facilitates essential biochemical synthesis in the body.

Water- Acts as a carrier of nutrients and help dispose of the toxins from the body. About 2 liters of water is supposed to be drunk every day.

Every meal that you have in a day should be composed of all these nutrients in the right proportion. Consult a nutritionist to create a diet schedule for you. It is a very individualized schedule, which takes into account your present physical statistics, your work, your hobby, lifestyle, etc.

You should refer to some food pyramid. That can serve as an essential foundation for your understanding of nutrition. You can develop your food schedule using a Food pyramid.

4. Regular Health Check-Up

At least twice in a year, you should get your self medically checked and examined. High-risk individuals should go in for a medical check every quarter.

It is much better and prudent to detect any illness at its nascent stage. Cure and recovery will be faster and complete. Aggravated illness is not only challenging to cure, but it also tends to affect other parts of the body.

5. Hobbies

Develop some hobbies which make us happy. It could be reading, singing, dancing, collecting something. Anything in which we can immerse ourselves wholly and forget all our worries and tensions. Hobbies are a means of exploring our inner talents and nurturing them. Everyone is a bundle of talents, and we need to find ours. Hobbies can be a great way to get social and be a part of some group, like the cycling club or trekkers club or a music band.

6. No Smoking

This one vice can wipe out all the good things from our life. Stay away from tobacco and drugs. If necessary, take the help of rehabilitation centers to kick off this habit immediately.

7. Moderate Drinking

It is best to avoid alcohol. But if we need to have it, have in moderation. In any case, not more than 14 units of alcohol in a week.

8. Mindfulness

It is an elixir for our mental well being. Spare 10 -15 minutes for ourselves. Just sit quietly and watch our breath as it goes in and out. Be aware of the breath. This simple technique will relax our nerves and bring down stress drastically. If you can practice some sort of meditation, it would be great.

Why Is Being Healthy Important?

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Good health is a resource to take you to higher levels of happiness and living your best life.

and achievement in life. Everything depends on good health.

All kinds of amenities and comfort will hardly be of any consequence if we are not healthy.

Health elevates the joys of life and makes us look forward to it. The tangible benefits of good health are;

1. We Live A Longer Life

The physical and mental well-being complement each other, when we live in faith, the result is a longer life span. Because of being physically fit, the immune system becomes strong and thwarts the diseases away.

As our body is fine, we enjoy life. our personal and family life blooms with happiness. This state helps in the proper hormonal balance of the body, which in turn makes us healthier, and the cycle continues.

2. We Thrive

When healthy, we are not just alive, but instead, thrive. We live a purposeful life and look forward to each day with zest and enthusiasm. We eagerly look forward to living rather than plod through each day.

There is a difference between being alive and living. That difference is defined by being healthy.

3. More Energetic

We have high energy levels because of a good digestive and circulatory system. Since the body is fit and active, we feel hungry. What we eat is digested and assimilated well by the body. Mental happiness helps in proper secretion of enzymes, and the overall effect is more energy.

4. Better Looks

Since we are fit and active, our body is in the right proportion. The healthy diet we have take care of all our micronutrient and macronutrient needs, and the result is bright and healthy skin, good hair, and a well-proportioned body. Looking good naturally will make us happy and content.

5. Illness Is Avoided

Our immune system, which is the defense of the body against any disease, is good and reliable when we are healthy.

All kinds of seasonal infections, pains, and general illnesses can be held at bay. Endorphins, serotine, and dopamine are such natural hormones that make us feel happy and stress-free. The release of these hormones is directly related to our health quotient.

6.Positive Attitude

A healthy body and mind will always keep our attitude towards life positive. We will be confident to face any challenges in life and not easily get bogged down by situations.

When we can think well and act well too, the outcome would be positive.

Our folks and people around us will start to like and appreciate our positive attitude.

7. Reduced Medical Costs

We have a tremendous monetary benefit also if we are healthy. Our medical expenses will go down substantially and will continue to remain so as long as we are healthy. We will not only enjoy a fulfilling life but spend less too.

8. Stress And Pain Bearing Capacity Increase

A well-tuned and healthy body can withstand high stress if needed. The pain bearing capacity also increases substantially.As the body is well fortified and mind is agile and stress-free, nervousness and timidity will not bother us.

9. Happy Family

Our family feels pleased and less worried when we are in good health. We can add value to our family member’s life by being more supportive and available when they need us.

It will make us feel proud and happy.

10. Improves Our Earnings

We can focus better on our profession, and our work absence due to illness is reduced substantially. It not only enhances our earning, but the quality of our work also improves.

The Factors On Which Health Depends

As we understand the importance of being healthy, it would also be worthwhile to consider the factors on which it depends.

The major factors which influence the health of a person are.’

1. Genetics

It is also called as heredity. The DNA gets lots of its code from the parents. In case parents suffer from some disease, which can be genetically transferred, like diabetes, then proper precaution and care should be taken.

2. Income

Our earning will very much influence how much we can spend on nutritious food, which health club or gym we can join. Whether we can afford a personal trainer or a nutritionist. How many health check-ups can we do in a year?

3. Physical And Social Environment

The physical surroundings and social fabric of which we are a part will have an impact on the way we would address the health issue.

4. Personal Health Practices

Our health habits will go a long way to define our health. Hence we should be very careful and aware of our personal hygiene habits.

Apart from these, other general factors would be family, social health schemes, and culture.

We can never overstate the benefits of being healthy. We all know its importance. But we never really took out time to analyze it in some depth and peep into the various aspects of health.

It is not at all tough to lead a healthy life. We just need some right motivation, proper planning, and dedicated execution. Some expert guidance would make the task more professional and easier.

We do deserve a very happy and fulfilling life and don’t let health issues spoil the party.

Rather than a regime, healthy living should become a part of our life. We can become the source of inspiration for our family, kids, and friends.

Be healthy, spread THE happiness


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